Los Angeles Latin Strippers


The shows regularly last one hour and depend on the number of people involved and the level of participation. It starts with the "priority strip" for the person being celebrated. This part of the show usually lasts around 15 minutes, and then everyone else gets a chance to participate and have some fun.


* Have your payment ready (it has to be covered upon the dancer's arrival at the event).
* If children will be present at the party, they must be in a separate room during the entire show.
* Provide a room or bathroom for your entertainers to change and get ready in.
* Close all blinds or curtains.
* Have at least one armless chair. Your stripper can do a lot more for the guests with an armless chair without wheels in the center of the room.


A party is only as good as the crowd's participation, play along with your entertainer; it keeps the energy of the party going. Be a positive host, set a good example by tipping, it's up to you to start things off, step up and have some fun, get a lap dance, play a game, go for it and your party guests are sure to follow.


To ensure a night of fun and lasting memories, it is imperative that you and your party guests treat the entertainers with respect and follow their rules! As the host, you want to make sure your party goes smoothly; it's your responsibility to keep your guests under control. Keep in mind that it only takes one person to ruin a good party. If anyone breaks the entertainers rules, is rude, disrespectful, causes pain, or behaves in an intimidating or threatening manner our entertainers will end the show and leave with no refunds given.


Most of our entertainers allow photos however each entertainer has their own photo policy that will be clearly explained upon their arrival. It's very important to respect their wishes as they take this matter very seriously. If photography of any kind is taken without the dancer's permission they reserve the right to end the show with no refunds given. Keep in mind photo rules also apply to camera phones, so think twice before trying to sneak a picture.

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